Oddprotocol is an IRCNow project -underdevelopment.
A root to introduce the power of the users to control computing and internet.
IRCNow provides an OPENBSD oriented training completely free of cost and Odd@Team is trained and sponsored by IRCNow.
We aims to create an user circle who will believe knowledge and knowledge based services can be shared for free as well as freedom of speech!


All you got to remember we are here for you. We hare here to offer a superb support for all your irc needs 24/7.


No matters if you need support/help for your training or any of the services we offer, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.


A custom vhost may change your appearance in IRC. We are here to offer you an ultimate vhost which suits your needs or which may present yourself.


We offer OpenBSD shells for free as you as you learn the system to run your own eggdrops, znc, ircds and more.

ZNC w/ webpanel

ZNC is an IRC network bouncer or BNC. It can detach the client from the actual IRC server, and also from selected channels. Multiple clients from different locations can connect to a single ZNC account simultaneously and therefore appear under the same nickname on IRC. It supports Transport Layer Security connections and IPv6.

ssl port: 6697
Come join us for a friendly chat!

Quick Access

Quick Access our Billing Panel or ZNC Panel below. opens in a new window.


IRCNow wants to turn IRC into a real social network that the users control. We want IRC to be a serious competitor to non-free networks, to make it suitable for users of any age, technical skill, country, language, and religion.

Bymatt Posted June 25, 2024

User Registration

is now enabled for oddprotocol users and staff to register. you will be able to submit articles and documention. more features coming soon.

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